Jonathan Miorelli

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Jonathan Miorelli is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Chemistry Department at the Colorado School of Mines. His research interests revolve around theoretical and computational chemistry, with an interest in how the structure and evolution of a molecule/material’s electron density gives rise to its observed reactivity, specifically within the context of the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules (QTAIM) and Conceptual Density Functional Theory (CDFT). In recent years Dr. Miorelli has turned his attention to teaching and chemical education where he strives to improve student engagement with the material and build life-long learning strategies. In terms of chemical education research, Dr. Miorelli explores how to implement and assess the use of computational chemistry in the classroom, specifically with respect to the utility of visualization in help students grasp spatial concepts vital to understanding chemistry (e.g. orbitals).  Outside of the classroom, Dr. Miorelli is a huge fan of the arts. He’s played guitar for over two decades and more recently has begun exploring the creation of visual art such as drawing and the occasional painting.


Coolbaugh Hall
Office: (303) 273 3610
Fax: (303) 273 3629


  • BS – Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • PhD – Colorado School of Mines
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