Biochemistry Degree at Mines

Biochemistry is the field of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes that occur within living organisms. It focuses on molecular genetics, protein science and metabolism. Almost all areas of the life sciences are being uncovered and developed by biochemical methodology and research. Biochemistry focuses on understanding how biological molecules give rise to the processes that occur within living cells and between cells, which in turn relates greatly to the study and understanding of tissues, organs, organism and microorganism structure and function.

A degree in biochemistry examines these topics to promote a fundamental understanding of the fusion of chemistry and biology and an application toward technological problems. Professional biochemists apply their knowledge in many different areas ranging from environmental processes to the development of new biomaterials and novel renewable energy. They work in academic environments, high-tech start-ups, and research and development laboratories associated with practically every advanced technological field including medicine, energy, biotechnology, computing, and agriculture.

The B.S. degree program in biochemistry is designed to educate professionals for the varied career opportunities this scientific discipline affords. The curriculum is therefore founded in rigorous fundamental science complemented by application of these principles to the earth, environment and energy fields as the foundation for a Mines education.

Students completing degrees in both biochemistry and chemical or mechanical engineering is an excellent preparation for industrial careers. Rigorous courses and modern laboratories are valued throughout the combined curriculums, many research opportunities are available on campus that will utilize the tools acquired through these courses. Please speak to the chemistry department for more information on earning a double major with biochemistry.

Degree Requirements

Biochemistry Degree Requirements