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The Department Office can be found on the 2nd floor of Coolbaugh Hall, Room 204

Department of Chemistry
Colorado School of Mines
1012 14th Street
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303-273 3610
Toll-Free: 800-446-9488 Ext. 3610
Fax: 303-273 3629

Google map located at the bottom of this page.

Need to reserve the Coolbaugh Hall Atrium?

Please email either the Chemistry Admins or the CEE Admins to reserve this space.


Blastercard or Hard Key Access Requests

Blastercard/Hard Key access requests should be made via email to the lab/space owner with the Primary Building Proctor copied. Once access has been approved by the lab/space owner access will be given by the Building Proctor with email confirmation.

Samuel Nez
Dept. of Chemistry, Primary Building Proctor
Phone: 303-273 3610

Need a form signed?

All forms needing a DH signature must be physically signed by the DH. Please bring any forms requiring Department Head signature to the Main Office Admins to review before they collect a signature. There is a box at the Main Office front desk where you can leave a form requiring a signature if there is no one at the front desk. Please do not send any forms directly to the Department Head. Office Admins will collect a signature and then notify you when your form is ready to pick up. This is an efficient process for the office and allows the department to get a copy for departmental records.

If you have electronic approvals for other signers that are not the DH please include this when requesting a DH signature.

This includes:
Committee Form
Admission to Candidacy Form
Thesis Defense Form
& any other forms related that requires a Department Head signature

Chemistry Department, Colorado School of Mines