Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry Department at Colorado School of Mines emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to solving real-world problems in areas such as sustainability, alternative fuels and energy, bio-detection, materials, nanomedicines and water quality assessment.

Preparing professionals

The programs of the Chemistry Department are designed to educate professionals for the varied career opportunities this central scientific discipline affords. At the undergraduate level, we offer a BS degree program in chemistry that is approved by the American Chemical Society. In addition, we offer specific curricular tracks emphasizing biochemistry or environmental chemistry along with a more flexible chemistry track that can be tailored to optimize the preparation of students to achieve their specific career goals.

At the graduate level, the department offers MS and PhD degrees in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Geochemistry. In addition, MS and PhD degrees are also offered in Materials Science, Hydrological Sciences and Engineering through interdisciplinary graduate programs.

The Chemistry Department maintains a high-quality, well-funded research program with participation of students at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The research program in the department emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to solving real world problems in areas including sustainability, alternative energy, materials, bio-detection, nanomedicines and water quality assessment, to name a few.