Joshua Koubek

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Joshua T. Koubek is currently a Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Colorado School of Mines. His research interests include organic and hybrid semiconductors for applications in lighting (organic light emitting diodes) and nuclear radiation detection (scintillators); as well as 2-D covalent organic frameworks for applications in gas storage and catalysis. Currently, Dr. Koubek is devoting his time for his passion in chemical education. He is utilizing his previous industry and academic experiences to develop new pathways for students to understand and apply proper chemistry and laboratory principals in their future careers. Outside of the university, Dr. Koubek enjoys playing the trombone, going to the ballet, and exploring the Colorado wilderness.

311 Coolbaugh Hall


  • BS – The College of New Jersey
  • PhD – Colorado School of Mines


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