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Graduate Admission Requirements

Applicants for chemistry degree programs are expected to demonstrate undergraduate level proficiency in physical, organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry.  Most applicants have completed a BS in chemistry. Those with BS degrees in other fields are occasionally accepted; however, they typically must complete deficiency courses prior to or concurrent with taking graduate courses.
Applicants for geochemistry degree programs are expected to have completed a BS program in geology or in chemistry comparable to those offered at CSM.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required of both geochemistry and chemistry applicants. Subject tests are not required. The Department has no established minima for GPA. Admission/Entrance requirements for the Geochemistry, Materials Science and Hydrology programs are described in more detail in the separate brochures for those programs.

Significant weight in admissions decisions is placed on comments in the letters of recommendation relative to creativity and to independent thought and action. These attributes are critical to success in a graduate research program. Before you submit a formal application for admission, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your interests and goals in person or via telephone (toll-free numbers are 1- 800-446-9488, extension 3610). You are also encouraged to contact any of our faculty directly to learn more about current opportunities for projects within specific research groups.

Additional information about Graduate Admissions Requirements can be found on the web at Online Application at  

Financial Assistance

Applicants seeking financial support should indicate such within the Application for Admission. Support may be in the form of teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA), or fellowships. TAs are generally offered by March 15 for the next academic year. 
Individual faculty offer RAs to students whom they expect will contribute quickly to a particular funded research project. Applicants interested in RAs should contact directly the faculty members whose research interests parallel their own. Fellowships, awarded on the basis of scholarship, are normally granted to continuing students rather than entering students. For more information, see Financial Aid, at

Western Regional Graduate Program

WICHE, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, promotes the sharing of higher education resources among fourteen western states. One of the WICHE programs established for this purpose is the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). The Chemistry and Geochemistry programs at CSM participate in the WRGP. The program offers students access to many high-quality graduate programs at reduced costs. Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming participate in the WRGP, and more than one hundred graduate programs are available to WRGP students. In most cases, WRGP students pay tuition at resident student rates. WRGP includes a wide range of graduate programs designed around the particular educational, social, and economic needs of the West.

Graduate students who are residents of participating WICHE states may enroll as WRGP students in participating programs. Students do not have to meet specific financial criteria, but they must meet all admissions requirements and deadlines set by the institution.

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