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Graduates of the Colorado School of Mines have many things in common, not the least of which is a sense of pride in having earned a coveted diploma. Valued and sought after by employers the world over, Miners are making a positive difference in all walks of life. The Department of Chemistry has had the privilege of educating outstanding students and we re very proud of our alumni. To enable the department to keep in contact with alumni, we encourage all of our alumni to send an email with current information including place of employment and job title and description.

In an effort to highlight the achievement of our alumni, we will post articles providing updates on the careers of various chemistry graduates below. If you would like to contribute an update to the website, please contact the chemistry office at

Sarah Tudor (BS 2009) is currently attending the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. She is working toward an MS degree in Biomedical Genetics and Biostatistics. When she graduates this summer, Sarah plans to continue her education and enroll on a PhD program in Epidemiology. As a graduate research assistant in the research group of Professor Eric Boerwinkle, Sarah’s research focuses on the genetic epidemiology of obesity and depression. More specifically she is investigating the association of sequence variation in the NR3C1 gene with blood pressure reactivity in the period from young adulthood to middle age; inspecting whether variation in known obesity and diabetes genes is associated with Center for Epidemiologic Studies (CES) depression scores and/or anxiety measures, and exploring associations between sequence variation in known obesity/diabetes genes in longitudinal measures of BMI-examining if those associations are modified by CES-depression scores and/or anxiety measures. Prof. Boerwinkle recently received a 26 million dollar federal stimulus grant to spearhead an effort to find genetic factors affecting the risks of heart, lung and blood diseases.

Sarah’s long-term professional goal is to enter academia or the public health industry. She has generously offered to answer questions and share her knowledge with chemistry students who are interested in getting into the public health or medical field. Please contact her at

Donor Recognition:

The Department gratefully acknowledges those who have so generously contributed over the past year. Your gifts make it possible for us to provide excellence in Chemistry curriculum and to pursue state-of-the-art research. Gifts can be designated for general needs or specific programs and scholarships.

Mr. John Ansted ‘82
Ms. Karen Brungard ‘01
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Daniel ‘65
Mr. Scott Dickson ‘95
Ms. Jessica Dixon ‘99
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Haney ‘01
Ms. Shelby Hollmaier ‘10
Dr. Todd Jones & Dr. E. Tracy Turner Jones ‘80
Mr. Alfred Keller ‘81
Mr. J. Scott Kimbrough ‘87
Dr. W. Harry Mandeville ‘71
Mr. Manuel Montano ‘10
Dr. Roger Olsen ‘72
Ms. Jacqueline Richardson ‘04
Mr. Maxwell Robb ‘09
Dr. & Mrs. Myles Scoggins
Mr. Shea Clark Smith ‘77
Ms. Courtney Steen ‘10
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Vaupel ‘86
Mr. Vincent Wood ‘58

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Robert A. Baxter
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