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Chemistry is the field of science associated with atoms and molecules. It is the primary field that deals with nanoscience and nanotechnology. Chemistry is often considered the central science, linking the physical sciences with engineering, medicine, and life sciences. The emphasis of the Chemistry Department at the Colorado School of Mines is on education and research focused toward solving problems of national and global interest. Students with baccalaureate (BS) or advanced (MS or PhD) chemistry degrees from the Colorado School of Mines can find employment in academic environments, high-tech start-ups, and research and development laboratories associated with practically every advanced technological field including medicine, computing, energy, agriculture, and biotechnology.

Colorado School of Mines is located in Golden, Colorado along the foothills of the beautiful Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, with over 300 days per year of sunshine. The School is within easy driving distance of Rocky Mountain National Park as well as some of the world's finest ski slopes, hiking, backpacking, mountain and road biking, and classic rock climbing crags. Located only 20 minutes away is metropolitan Denver, a social, cultural, and business hub that offers all the attractions of a major city.


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